by Cathy Ward & Eric Wright

About Transromantik

Transromantik is an on-going collaborative project by Cathy Ward and Eric Wright. Begun in 2000, it currently encompases several large-scale installations and smaller projects that have been presented in various international venues.

The Chamber of
Pop Culture

The initial installation "Transromantik -The Berchtesgaden Effect" was curated by Roger Burton and Ian White for the Chamber of Pop Culture at the Horse Hospital, London UK. Ian and Roger commissioned the work in 1998 and it took 2 years to complete the original corpus of sculptures, paintings, videos and other components of the exhibition.

This exhibition ran from 27 Oct - 25 Nov 2000.


Since the initial exhibition in 2000 at the Horse Hospital, Transromantik has been expanded and shown at a number of galleries in the years following the Horse Hospital show. See the list at right for more detailed information.

Transromantik Exhibitions


Transromantik - The Berchtesgaden Effect

“A fantasy forest of trees stripped to the bone, painted and adorned with talismanic idylls and magical objects; spectacular, escapist fantasies and fairy tale castles, invested with the seductive and disturbing power of classical Romanticism, evoking bowers where 'mad' King Ludwig II and Walt Disney sit together in hyper-real pastorals more perfect than nature itself.

Ward & Wright's lyrical forest is a radically joyous exploration of how the revisionism involved in popular myth-making adopts the sugar-glazed guise of candy-coloured artifice. Inspired by a 'revelation' in the Hofbraufhaus, Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, Germany, it is an ambitious journey into the darkness at the heart of 'innocence'.

Ian White (Curator CPC/HH and Lux Gallery, Artist and Writer for numerous arts publications)

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Transromantik - Volksgeist

Comissioned by Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto in 2002. The exhibition featured site specific new tree sculptures. Visit the Mercer Union site or see the texts section for Vincent Deary's catalogue essay.

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Transromantik - Glade

A curated selection of "Fairytale" tree sculptures at Gallery 14, Golden Square, Soho, London. The exhibition took place in April 2002.

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Transromantik Texts

Essays about Transromantik and Ward & Wrights work.

Transromantik Works

Images from many of the Transromantik and related exhibitions.